10 Reasons to Choose Us Over the Competition

  1. We promise reliability. When you call you will always talk to a live person and we will get to work on your needs within 30 minutes to an hour.
  2. We will respect your time. We will always perform our work based on your schedule.
  3. We will always be on time or early for any appointment. When I was in the Navy they taught me the importance of always being on time and reliable.
  4. We will work on your problem until it is fixed. We won’t go to sleep until the job is done.
  5. We will earn your trust by guaranteeing our work for a year after it has been fixed. If it fails you pay nothing more, we’ll fix it for free.
  6. We will send you a weekly update on what has gone one in your network and what we have done to keep it up and running.
  7. We provide three packages to support your business. You get to choose the level that’s right for you.
  8. We offer a backup/disaster recovery plan just for you. With our business continuity service, you will always be in business.
  9. With our HIPAA service you will always be 100% free of fines, if you do what we say. You’ll be in a better position than your competition.
  10. If we cannot fix the problem then your service is free.